Associate Degree in Political Science (Major)

Key facts


  • 3 Years full time.


  • Waigani Anglicare Centre

Key Dates

Course Information

This course is intended to be a prerequisite course to political science courses. It introduces students to the historical development of the concept of state and state management systems placing special emphasize on the development of political theories from the ancient Greeks to the modern political theories which led to the formation of Liberal Democratic States. It looks at Greek City States; Authoritarian Monarchies; Parliamentary Systems and modern Liberal Democratic States. The theories it introduces are the Contract Theories of Thomas Hobbes; and Utilitarianism of Aristotle; Jeremy Bentham; James Mill; John Stewart Mill discussing the three versions of Utilitarianism- Act Utilitarianism; Rule Utilitarianism and Negative Utilitarianism. It also discusses the impact of economics especially capitalism; market liberalism and globalisation on the political theories of state and state sovereignties. This course will set a background for understanding political systems and activities which will be the task of political science courses.


Tuition fees

The tuition fees you pay will depend on the units to study as each unit has its own costs. 

Each Units is K500.00/semester

Direct applications are now open for:

  • Recent Year 12 students who completed secondary education in the past two years
  • Applicants with work and life experience
  • Applicants with TAFE experience
  • Applicants with higher education experience.

Course Structure

Core/Major Course

Year Semester Units Code Credit Points
1 1 Introduction to politics – political theories 4.15501 3points
1 2 History of liberal democratic state systems 4.15502 3points
1 3 State sovereignty versus regional and global politics 4.15503 3points

Philosophy & Ethics

YearSemesterUnitsCodeCredit Points
11Introduction to politics – political theories4.155013points
12History of liberal democratic state systems4.155023points
13State sovereignty versus regional and global politics4.155033points
22Intro to ethics4.218053points
23Social and political philosophy4.218063points
31Melanesian Liberal Democratics4.318073points
32Business Ethics & Development4.318083points
33Medical Ethics4.318093points