Klowers Axiological Institute

About Us


We are a newly establish institute with the objective to educate our students to see the values of human nature as it ought to be in contrast to what is the case. Thereafter, ensure that what is the case complies with what ought to be the case. To provide a balanced education between Values in Human Nature required for Civilization and the Professions required for Nation Building.



In its attempt to fulfill this objective , K.A.I. curriculum is designed to provide its students with a broad based theoretical studies through its compulsory component namely, Axiology, as well as, the practical professional courses. The significance of this curriculum is in the quality and scope of understanding provided to its students.  It is designed to avoid the pitfalls referred to by the saying: ”Theory Without Practice is Emptiness“ and “Practice Without Theory is Blindness”.

Thus, the graduates of K.A.I. will pride themselves with not just the Dual–Associate  Degrees but much more significantly, with their  competency and confidence in dealing with problems in real life situation meaningfully with considerably highest level of– “Social Moral Consciousness” seeing themselves as “Moral Agents.”